Māori Article of the Week: Conceptualising historical privilege: the flip side of historical trauma, a brief examination by Borell, Moewaka Barnes, and McCreanor

Historical trauma is an important and growing area of research that provides crucial insights into the antecedents of current-day inequities in health and social wellbeing experienced by Indigenous people in colonial settler societies. What is not so readily examined is the flip side of historical trauma experienced by settlers and their descendants, what might be termed “historical privilege”. These historic… Read more

End of Life Choice Bill

Have your say on the End Of Life Choice bill.
This bill proposes to give people with a terminal illness or a grievous and irremediable medical condition the option of requesting assisted dying. The bill:
  • defines who is eligible for assisted dying
  • details the provisions to ensure that this a free choice
  • outlines the steps to ensure a person is mentally capable of understanding the nature and consequences of assisted dying.
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Māori Article of the Week: Indigenous Peoples and the Globalization of Restorative Justice by Tauri

Much of the criminological research and literature to date on the globalization of crime control has focused on macro-level theorizing about whether such globalization exists, and if so, its extent, scale, and impact. Little attention has been paid to the micro-level impact of all this activity, and in particular to the experiences of Indigenous peoples residing in settler colonial contexts. This article seeks… Read more

Māori Article of the Week: Indigenous health: designing a clinical orientation program valued by learners by Huria, Palmer, Beckert, Lacey, and Pitama

Indigenous health programs are seen as a curriculum response to addressing health disparities and social accountability. Several interrelated teaching approaches to cultural competency curricula have been recommended, however evidence of the impact of these on learner outcomes including engagement and self-reported competencies is limited. We aimed to explore undergraduate medical student perspectives… Read more

MBIE releases The Impact of Science discussion paper

In mid-2017, MBIE sought feedback on a discussion paper examining the concept of impact as it relates to the science system. Demonstrating and measuring the impact of science is receiving increasing attention in New Zealand and around the world. Researchers, scientists, governments, industry and communities all have an interest in better understanding the impacts of science. Scientists wish to demonstrate the… Read more

Contexts of Disadvantage

The report uses data from the first five waves of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) to examine the association between family, neighbourhood and school level disadvantage and children’s cognitive and social outcomes. The authors found that experience of any one of family, neighbourhood or school level disadvantage is detrimental to children’s cognitive and socio-emotional outcomes.… Read more

Outcomes Listen Social Policy Research Paper Number 47: Low Income and Poverty Dynamics – Implications for Child Outcomes

This report uses data from the first five waves of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) to examine the association between childhood poverty and a range of children’s developmental outcomes. The authors found there is a strong negative association between poverty and children’s developmental outcomes. The negative effects associated with low income and poverty carry a significant cost for… Read more

Māori Article of the Week: Understanding the uncomfortable kōkako: the challenge of applying threshold concepts in Māori studies by Hall, Adds, Ross, and Borell

There are Māori studies programmes in all eight New Zealand universities and thousands of Māori studies students enrol each year. However, little research has been done on the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) within the Māori studies discipline. This article investigates, through the process of an integrative literature review, the potential to apply the theory of threshold concepts (Meyer &… Read more

Māori Article of the Week: Myth, Māori, and Two Cartoons: A Semiotic Analysis by Elers and Elers

In May 2013, two cartoons depicting Māori people were published in two newspapers in Aotearoa New Zealand.  Māori politicians condemned the cartoons as perpetuating racism, while the Race Relations Commissioner said the cartoons were offensive but not racist. The purpose of this paper is to critique those two cultural artefacts. We draw upon Barthesian criticism to conduct a semiotic analysis as an oppositional… Read more