Open Access Article of the Week: Dynamics of Volunteering and Life Satisfaction in Midlife and Old Age: Findings from 12 European Countries by Hansen, Aartsen, Slagsvold, and Deindl

A growing literature shows that doing voluntary work not only helps the wider community but can also improve one’s own well-being. To date, however, few studies have examined the relationship between volunteering and well-being in non-US and especially in comparative data. We study this relationship using two waves of data of 18,559 individuals aged 50 and above from 12 European countries. We analyze life satisfaction… Read more

Pasifika article of the week: Samoan women’s attitudes towards antenatal and midwifery care by Tanuvasa, Cumming, Churchward, Neale, and Tavila

Late antenatal care attendance could be linked to Pacific women having higher rates of perinatal mortality, premature delivery and birth complications (Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee (PMMRC), 2010). Aim: To explore, in depth, the attitudes of Samoan women towards antenatal and midwifery care. Methods: A qualitative study, where individual face-to-face audio-recorded interviews were… Read more

Proposed changes to the Misuse of Drugs (Industrial Hemp) Regulations 2006 and regulations under the Food Act 2014.

Have your say The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is seeking feedback on proposed changes to the Misuse of Drugs (Industrial Hemp) Regulations 2006 and regulations under the Food Act 2014.  The purpose of this consultation is to:
  • inform you of the required amendments to enable New Zealand to adopt a joint Australia New Zealand food standard (the Standard) under the Food Act 2014 (agreed between New Zealand and
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Māori Article of the Week: Te Whare Matihiko o Te Reo – digital tools for the revitalisation of te reo Māori by Tania M. Ka‘ai

Te Ipukarea – The National Māori Language Institute was established in 2008 partly to develop and advance a digital strategy for the creation, delivery, and assessment of Māori language curricula as well as the collection and dissemination of Māori knowledge across a range of domains. From online language tutorials and animations to digital recordings of interviews with native speakers of the Māori… Read more

Open Access Article of the Week: Secular and Religious Social Support Better Protect Blacks than Whites against Depressive Symptoms by Assari and Lankarani

Purpose: Although the protective effect of social support against depression is well known, limited information exists on racial differences in this association. The current study examined Black-White differences in the effects of religious and secular emotional social support on depressive symptoms in a national sample of older adults in the United States. Methods: With a longitudinal prospective design,… Read more

Open Access Article of the Week: Diminished Economic Return of Socioeconomic Status for Black Families by Shervin Assari

Background: According to the Minorities’ Diminished Return theory, socioeconomic status (SES) systemically generates larger gains for Whites compared to Blacks. It is, however, unknown whether the effects of baseline SES on future family income also varies between Blacks and Whites. Aims: Using a national sample, this study investigated racial variation in the effects of family SES (i.e., family structure,… Read more

Māori Article of the Week: Indigenous Insights into Ethical Leadership: A Study of Māori Leaders

The need for ethical leadership in navigating today’s complex, global and competitive organisations has been established. While research has confirmed the importance of ethical leaders in promoting positive organisational and employee outcomes, scant research has examined the antecedents of ethical leadership. Furthermore, there has been a call for further examination of leadership models, particularly… Read more

Reducing costs to renters amendment bill is taking submissions

What is the bill about? This bill seeks to stop landlords and their letting agents (property managers or lawyers) from charging fees to tenants to cover administrative costs. Costs for advertising properties, running open homes, and vetting tenants are often passed on to renters as a letting fee. The cost of finding tenants will be covered by the landlord, because the landlord benefits from letting the rental property.… Read more

Māori Article of the Week: Framing the Māori economy: The complex business of Māori business by Amoamo, Ruwhiu, and Carter

The realisation of the developmental aspirations of Indigenous communities requires a reframing of economy and economic representation. The “diverse economies” framework provides a platform from which to counter the dominant Western narrative surrounding notions of economy, and bring to the fore forms of enterprise and practices all too often “hidden” or viewed as alternative, and therefore deemed… Read more

Māori Article of the Week: Waka Hourua, Ko Au, Ko Koe, Ko Tātou Māori Suicide Prevention Community Programme by Baker, Sewell, Morris, McClintock, and Elkington

In 2014, the first dedicated National Māori Suicide Prevention Programme: Waka Hourua was launched by Te Rau Matatini. One of its five streams was the operation of a National Coordination Centre for Māori Community Suicide Prevention. The major programme championed by the Centre included fostering Māori leadership, and building their capacity and capability to lead the development of whole of community plans.… Read more