Māmari Stephens: Kaupapa Māori and the war on words

I am no political pundit. I have no great insight into Māori politics on the national or local stage, no great insider knowledge of the special handshake that would admit me to the inner sanctum of any of our political parties. All I have really is my ears and eyes and my own gut and prejudices. Sometimes those things all fail me. So, for a long time I didn’t even claim to know what the hell Andrew Little has been playing at,… Read more
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Andrew Robb: Who should call the shots on reo Māori priorities?

In my 13 years of school in Wellington, about the only Māori language I learned was “Hōmai te pata.” The ability to ask for the butter was thanks to a week-long unit of Māori studies when I was seven – the sum total of my Māori education at school. Even that unit was like a window into a romanticised past, a glimpse that was framed by The Māori As He Was, one of my favourite books. It was full of portraits of long-dead… Read more
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Leon Salter: Addressing the activist/scholar interface? Reflections on the Social Movements conference

Disclaimer: Leon’s insights and opinions are his own and by no means a reflection of the organisers, the network, or eSocSci. Reflecting now on the Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change conference in early September  a month afterward is a useful exercise as it allows me to consider the wider significance of the event; but also, and perhaps  more importantly, what I learned and took away from the three… Read more
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