Morgan Godfery: Hekia is right about our history teaching. Well, half right.

We can all recall a horror story from our time at school. But Māori are likely to have a longer list of seriously sad experiences. For example, my koro, who, like so many others, was whacked for speaking te reo (his first language) in the classroom. Or one of my mates whose teacher told him to stick to sport because “Māori aren’t academic”. Or, if you’re my age, and you’re still scarred by the memory of tedious… Read more

Large growth in student numbers is threatening sustainability of university system

A successful innovation nation needs three things from its universities: excellence in teaching and research, high levels of participation, and equity of access. The current policy settings, while having achieved requisite levels of participation, have failed to substantially boost equity of access and have presented governments with enormous challenges in meeting the full costs of teaching and research.… Read more

Learn locally to think globally

For university administrators tasked with international strategy, there is hardly a term more widely bandied about than “global citizenship”. If we examine the websites of myriad institutions or the formulations of leaders, it appears that one of the goals higher education has set for itself today is the creation of global citizens. Such a task sounds sensible enough in an increasingly globalised world and… Read more