Pasifika Researcher Article of the Week: Factors affecting antenatal care attendance by mothers of Pacific infants living in New Zealand by Low, Percival, Paterson, et al

Aims: To describe antenatal care attendance by mothers of Pacific infants recently delivered at Middlemore Hospital, South Auckland and to examine the demographic and psychosocial factors associated with late initiation of care and inadequate attendance. Methods: The data were gathered as part of the Pacific Islands Families: First Two Years of Life (PIF) Study in which 1365 birth mothers in the cohort (n=1376)… Read more

National Science Challenge 11 Building Better Homes, Towns, and Cities Research Article of the Week: Spatial impacts of the creation of Brası´lia: A natural experiment by Grimes, Matlaba, and Poot

Using data spanning 70 years (1939–2008), we examine whether Kubitschek’s planned creation of Brası´lia and its associated highway network had its intended effect of spreading development from Brazil’s coast to its interior. Specifically, we test whether the spatial structure of the country’s urban population and per capita GDP changed as a result of Brası´lia’s inauguration in 1960. Uniquely… Read more

Māori Researcher Article of the Week: Systems Thinking and indigenous systems: native contributions to obesity prevention by Heke, Rees, Swinburn et al

Much has been written about the impact of chronic conditions on post-colonial indigenous populations. Much less, however, has been written about indigenous knowledge and how it may help tackle poor health statistics among indigenous populations. This article describes two approaches to obesity prevention that are grounded in Mātauranga Māori (Māori worldview), both of which challenge the “person-centred”… Read more

Early Career Researcher Advice Article of the Week: Getting to Grips With the Paragraph by Pat Thompson

I was recently asked how I felt about paragraphs. “Well you know, all the feels” I might have replied. But I didn’t, largely because I don’t usually think about the paragraph. The question made me wonder whether I take the paragraph for granted. Paragraphs sit way below my consciousness a lot of the time. But paragraph awareness rises to the surface when I am reading something where the writer doesn’t appear… Read more
Example of a paragraph

Open Access Article of the Week: Mulan and Moana: Embedded Coloniality and the Search for Authenticity in Disney Animated Film by Michelle Anya Anjirbag

As the consciousness of coloniality, diversity, and the necessity of not only token depictions of otherness but accurate representations of diversity in literature and film has grown, there has been a shift in the processes of adaptation and appropriation used by major film production companies and how they approach representing the other. One clear example of this is the comparison of the depiction of diverse,… Read more

Community input key to New Zealand Pacific Economy report

A new Treasury report on the contribution of Pacific peoples to the New Zealand economy shows the good work emerging from the Treasury’s consultation with Pacific communities, says Secretary to the Treasury Gabriel Makhlouf. The New Zealand Pacific Economy report was launched by Minister of Finance Grant Robertson and Minister for Pacific Peoples Aupito William Sio at the Pacific Aotearoa Summit in Auckland… Read more

Pasifika Researcher Article of the Week: Family-Centred Healing At Home: A Samoan Epistemology of Samoan Families’ Experiences of Home Dialysis and Home Detention in Aotearoa/New Zealand by Dr. Ramona Tiatia

Home dialysis and home detention are home-based public services increasingly used in Samoan households living in Aotearoa/New Zealand. They are cheaper than institutionally-provided hospital and correctional services and save the government millions of dollars; savings which do not seem to be transferred to the households which switch to home-based services. This thesis considers the role of housing in Samoan… Read more

National Science Challenge 11 Building Better Homes, Towns, and Cities Research Article of the Week: ICOMOS 2018 Overview CULTURE: Conserving it Together

The Te Aranga Strategy is a cultural landscape approach to design, incorporating a series of Māori cultural values. The Te Aranga Design Principles, which evolved from the strategy, address the processes of economic, social, environmental and spatial development changes. The principles have arisen from a widely held desire to enhance mana whenua (indigenous people of the land) presence, visibility and participation… Read more

Māori Researcher Article of the Week: Māori Men’s Experiences of Rehabilitation in the Moana House Therapeutic Community in Aotearoa/New Zealand: A Qualitative Enquiry by Ashdown, Treharne, Neha, et al

In Aotearoa/New Zealand, culturally embedded rehabilitation programmes have been developed to reduce criminal offending among the indigenous Māori population. Currently, there is a lack of research investigating the experiences of these programmes from clients’ perspectives. This study aimed to enhance understandings of the lived experiences of Māori men who were participating in a residential therapeutic… Read more

Early Career Researcher Advice Article of the Week: Handling self-citation by Prof. Patrick Dunleavy

Academic work is inherently cumulative — and often in tracing the evolution of ideas, methods or evidence an author or research team should cite their own previous work, especially in fields where most work tackles distinctive or applied problems (not widely studied), or follows a particular method not yet widely shared. Yet some commentators suggest that self-citations are problematic or illegitimate… Read more
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