Interview – Dale Husband and Vincent O’Malley: Too many Pākehā don’t know our history

Vincent O’Malley is a New Zealand historian who, over the last 20 years, has been focusing on how Māori and Pākehā have been getting along. His research has led not just to a PhD from Victoria University but also to articles in scholarly journals, blogs, and a series of influential books. The latest of those is The Great War for New Zealand, which has just been launched. In this book, Vincent presents a compelling… Read more
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Interview: Dale Husband – Dr Maria Bargh: Why weren’t we taught our history at school?

Students of Māori studies often have emotional responses to the content of the subjects they’re taught, says Dr Maria Bargh, the new head of Te Kawa a Māui (School of Māori Studies) at Victoria University. Whether it’s the Treaty or the New Zealand Wars or the management of resources like water, the reaction is often one of anger: “Why wasn’t I told?” Breaking down that ignorance of our history (and… Read more

Dale Husband – Margaret Mutu: They told me I’d know how to beat these Pākehā

Margaret Shirley Mutu is a formidable foe of the government when it comes to Māori issues. Of course, she usually has the advantage over any government representatives because she knows what she’s talking about — and has a keen eye for injustice. And, when the issue is checking whether a government settlement adds up, she’s in a strong position too — she has a BSc in mathematics. Her grasp of Māori rights and… Read more