Book Review: Sexuality: A Psychosocial Manifesto

Author Katherine Johnson argues for a psychosocial approach that rethinks the relationship between psychic and social realms in the field of sexuality, without reducing it to either. Weaving through an expanse of theoretical and empirical examples drawn from sociology, psychology, queer and cultural studies, she produces an innovative, transdisciplinary perspective on sexual identities, subjectivities… Read more

University of Houston staff advised over new Texas gun law

State’s new campus concealed carry law leads to warnings for academics on handling students who may have guns. Faculty members opposed to Texas’s new campus concealed carry law have argued that it will chill academic freedom and free speech. A set of recommendations from the University of Houston’s Faculty Senate on how to teach under campus carry is the new exhibit A in the case against the law for those… Read more

Marami Stephens: We need to hear Māori and Pacific voices on the euthanasia debate

There is a tin. It looks like Nana’s biscuit tin, but is actually the tin from which private members’ bills are drawn from the ballot every second Wednesday of the month in parliament. If we were to see inside the tin on such a Wednesday, we would see roughly 80 numbered plastic tiles, each one identifying an MP’s private bill waiting to see the light of day. Many of them won’t. Private members’ bills provide… Read more

People with a mental illness discriminated against when looking for work and when employed

A survey of people with mental illness has found more reports of discrimination than positive treatment while they were looking for work. In the survey, 1386 people with diagnosed mental illness were asked about how they had been treated by various people including people in the workplace and educational institutions, friends, partners and other family members. For most people and situations, being treated positively… Read more

Joking your way to the top: why laughter is the best medicine for stressed executives

Workplaces in January are not generally very funny places to be, but new research has found humour can be just the thing to get an organisation off on the right foot. The ever-present need to respond to multiple stakeholders, operate in multiple markets and offer multiple products and services, means modern firms are often chasing multiple goals, which are not always easy to reconcile. Leaders of many organisations… Read more

If you give a man a gun: the evolutionary psychology of mass shootings

Men commit over 85% of all homicides, 91% of all same-sex homicides and 97% of all same-sex homicides in which the victim and killer aren’t related to each other. These startling statistics are driven home with each new mass shooting (though the most recent tragedy in San Bernardino, California is a bit unusual in that a married couple were the shooters). In any event, politicians and the media are trotting out the usual… Read more

Ageism affects how well old people feel

Ageism is still the most commonly experienced form of prejudice in the UK and across Europe, according to a large-scale study of people’s attitudes to age and experiences of ageism.
The Eurage research team, led by Professor Dominic Abrams, examined data from more than 50,000 individuals from 28 European countries based on the Ageism Module in the 2008-9 European Social Survey. While ageism … Read more

Are today’s standards for being ‘a real man’ leading to violence against women?

Not all men condone violence nor resort to physical force to attain masculinity – and there is never an excuse for doing so. In Australia, one in three women has been the victim of violence at the hands of a male perpetrator. This alarming statistic resembles the global lifetime prevalence of physical and sexual assault among women worldwide. Beyond the devastating health and psychological effects, violence against… Read more

Childhood Bullying Worse Than Adult Maltreatment

Bullying by peers adversely affects children in later life more than being maltreated by adults, according to new research from the University of Warwick.
Based on longitudinal data from the US and UK, researchers explored reports of maltreatment, bullying and mental health outcomes for more than 5,000 children. “The mental health outcomes we were looking for included anxiety, depression… Read more