Boaty McBoatface poll shows how not to do community consultation

Britain’s Natural Environment Research Council has wrapped up its internet poll seeking a name from the public for its new research ship, with “Boaty McBoatface” the clear winner. The Council sparked off an internet storm by crowdsourcing the name, and it now looks like it will ignore the popular suggestion, instead opting for “something that fits the mission and captures the spirit of scientific endeavour”Read more

Amanda Taub: The rise of American authoritarianism

The American media, over the past year, has been trying to work out something of a mystery: Why is the Republican electorate supporting a far-right, orange-toned populist with no real political experience, who espouses extreme and often bizarre views? How has Donald Trump, seemingly out of nowhere, suddenly become so popular? What’s made Trump’s rise even more puzzling is that his support seems to cross… Read more