He karapa ki ngā tatauranga mō te reo Māori i te tau 2014

*Scroll down for an English translation Te Kupenga I te tau 2013, ka whakahaerehia e Tatauranga Aotearoa tētahi uiuinga i te iwi Māori mō te noho ora o te iwi Māori. Ko Te Kupenga te ingoa o te uiuinga nei. I roto i te uiuinga tēnei pātai, ‘He pēhea tō kaha ki te kōrero Māori i ngā kōrero o ia rā?’ Anei ngā whakautu i horahia:
  • he pai rawa atu (ko te tino nuinga o ngā kōrero o ia rā ka taea e au te kawe ki te reo Māori)
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    The Industrial and Neolithic Revolutions are surely the two fundamental transitions in the economic history of mankind. The Neolithic involved permanent settlement of previously nomadic, or at best partially foraging, small bands. At least seven independent times, bands somewhere in the world adopted settled agriculture. The new settlements tended to see an increase in inequality, the beginning of privately… Read more

    Lord of the Rings University – Are we taking our obsession too far?

    The popularity of The Lord of the Rings franchise has yet to wane in New Zealand with an online university opening its virtual doors in 2016 offering degrees in “Lord of the Rings-ology”. Hokitika Open Academic College Stream CEO, Hīanga Hoacsoneu, states that: “The number of jobs created by the Lord of the Rings franchise has been phenomenal. We feel that universities need to keep pace with social media and popular… Read more

    Artist fills potholes in Chicago with mosaics

    See the full article on LaughingSquid.com Last May there was a post on Laughing Squid about the pothole mosaics of Chicago-based artist Jim Bachor. Bachor launched the project with mosaics based on Chicago’s city flag. He has now branched out with a charming series of flowers. Some of Bachor’s freestanding mosaics are available for purchase. He also exhibited mosaics at the Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago,… Read more