John Willinsky: Sci-Hub: research piracy and the public good

It looks like the scholarly publishing community has been hit by its own version of Napster. Over the past year, some 47 million research articles have been made freely available through a site called Sci-Hub. The publishing giant Elsevier, aghast at finding many of its articles being given away, wasted little time in suing the site in federal court for irreparable damages and copyright infringement “of up to $150,000… Read more

What does Academia_edu’s success mean for Open Access? The data-driven world of search engines and social networking

At the Radical Open Access conference at Coventry University in June, I spoke briefly about as part of a session with Stuart Lawson and David Harvie on Radical Accountability. A number of people asked afterwards if I would be publishing a written-up version of those comments.  Then, at The Sociality of Sharing event at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Warwick, in September, some… Read more