Grant Giving – Global Funders to Focus on Interdisciplinary

Granting bodies need more data on how much they are spending on work that transcends disciplines, and to what end, explains Rick Rylance. Three arguments are often made in favour of interdisciplinary research. First, complex modern problems such as climate change and resource security are not amenable to single-discipline investigation; they often require many types of expertise across the biological, physical… Read more

Integration of Social Science into Research is Crucial

Social scientists must be allowed a full, collaborative role if researchers are to understand and engage with issues that concern the public, says Ana Viseu. Funders and institutions increasingly prioritize research that addresses the challenges and opportunities of an inherently interdisciplinary world. Policymakers and influential voices in science — including Nature — have also warned of a worrying… Read more

Let’s Vote on it: Can we use Democracy to Fund Research?

We often hear repeated complaints about research funding, and they’re not unique to the Australian funding system. The international guru of research funding Professor John Ioannidis raised the issue back in 2011 when he wrote in Nature: The research funding system is broken: scientists don’t have time for science any more […] It’s time to seriously consider another approach. Why are funding systems broken?… Read more

Where can you get paid to do a PhD?

Alex Strike (@AlexxxStrike) is a graduate of New York University who will start his PhD in journalism next year. Alex works as a freelance blogger now, trying to improve his writing skills and become a more experienced writer after graduation. He has written for ProBlogger, Uloop and Lifehack. In this post Alex shares some of the research on finding a PhD scholarship in another country. I graduated from New York University… Read more