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National Science Challenge 11 Building Better Homes, Towns, and Cities research publication of the week: Four Plausible Scenarios for Transport in New Zealand in 2048
Making decisions about the future is complex, not least because we can never be sure exactly what is going to[...]
Māori Article of the Week: A ‘white New Zealand’: Anti-Chinese Racist Political Discourse from 1880 to 1920 by Steve Elers
This paper reviews anti-Chinese public statements by New Zealand politicians in and around 1880-1920. Applying critical race theory as an[...]
Early Career Researcher Advice Article of the Week: So you want to make an impact? Some practical suggestions for early-career researchers by Evans and Cvitanovic
More and more, scientists are being asked to demonstrate how their research can have “impact”– whether it be a change[...]
Open Access Article of the Week: The Personal is Political: Assessing Feminist Fundamentals in the Digital Age by Rogan and Budgeon
The ‘personal is political’ has long been recognised as the definitive slogan of second-wave feminism but can it still inform[...]
Pasifika Research Article of the Week: Niko Besnier, On the Edge of the Global: Modern Anxieties in a Pacific Island Nation by Nation by Lisa Uperesa
Niko Besnier's On the Edge of the Global focuses on the unlikely sites of pawnshops, bodybuilding gyms, beauty pageants, secondhand[...]
SuPERU release The sustainability of public social research institutions in New Zealand report
In 2014 the Families Commission Act was amended to give the Families Commission a new function alongside its role as[...]
Māori Article of the Week: Delivering on diversity: The challenges of commissioning for Whānau Ora by Boulton, Gifford, Allport, and White
As the populations of Western, so-called “first-world” countries grow; so too do the pressures for the funding, purchasing, and provision[...]