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Manage your profile

On the black toolbar at the top of your screen, hover over the right hand corner and a menu will drop down.
From here you can:

  • edit your profile and upload an avatar
  • manage your network/group membership
  • check your messages
  • manage your email settings…and more.

Join networks

  • To join a network, you’ll need to be signed up as an eSocSci member. It’s free and you can do that quickly here.
  • Click here to see the list of eSocSci Networks.
  • Click Request Membership or Join Network. You can join as many networks as you like.
  • You will receive an email once you have been accepted into the network.
  • From then on, after logging in, you can access your network groups from the black toolbar at the top of the page where it says “Welcome, …..”. Click Groups. A list of the Network Groups you belong to will appear.
  • Use the Networks Activity (main feed/wall) to introduce yourself and share short ideas and links.
  • Use the Forum to write longer ideas (topics) and discuss these with other network members.
  • To request membership of more Network Groups, just go back to the Networks page, which you’ll see under My eSocSci in the main menu.

Read the FAQ's