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Media uploads

By uploading media to the eSocSci website you are acknowledging that you are the copyright owner of any material you upload and have the right to share that material. While all efforts are made to ensure security of the website, the eSocSci team does not accept responsibility for IP related issues or access to your uploaded media by any party. All risk and responsibilities for the protection of this data remains with the person uploading material to the site. Please note that eSocSci abides by the Creative Commons 4.0 Licence in regard to re-use and sharing of copyright works.

Blog Disclaimer

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If you want to engage with us directly on an issue, complaint or inquiry that you have, you should contact eSocSci

Language Disclaimer

We want eSocSci to be linguistically inclusive but we are limited to the language abilities of our contributors. If you want to see your language better represented on eSocSci you are welcome to contribute bilingual/multilingual blog posts or contact us.

Privacy Policy

Please read the Massey University Privacy Policy below, which also applies to eSocSci.

Massey University is committed to safeguarding personal information in accordance with The Privacy Act 1993.

Personal information

The University may collect personal information that is provided voluntarily through the use of email, online forms and online surveys, which might include:

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Personal information is used for the purposes for which it was collected, including student administration, provision of services, and the dissemination of information. eSocSci may not disclose any information without the express permission of the individual.

Non-personal information

The University uses Google Analytics, Nielsen//NetRatings and server logs to record any of the following information for statistical purposes:

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The University uses this information to anonymously aggregate website statistics and measure traffic patterns to, from, and within this website to help the University better understand usage of this website; no individual visitors are identified.


A cookie is a small text file that is written to your computer’s hard drive. When accessing the website you might be asked to provide some information, for example when visiting an access-controlled web page. The cookie allows the University’s web server to remember something about you without you having to remind it of your particular preferences each time you return to the website.

Protection of personal information

The University takes all reasonable precautions to guard against unauthorised access to confidential and personal information, including the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information held by the University on its servers. When personal information is no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected it may be deleted.

Disclosure of personal information

Personal information held by the University is not disclosed to third parties without consent, unless the University is obliged to disclose information in certain circumstances set out in the Act or by order of any Court of Tribunal of competent jurisdiction.

Citing from this blog or website

We recommend Guide to Referencing and Citations, Oxford University Department of Education. See Website Citation Oxford Method

Seminar Recording

eSocSci seminars, excluding post-seminar Q&A and discussions, are recorded and available to view for registered eSocSci members on the eSocSci.org.nz website. By booking a place at a seminar or turning up to a seminar, attendees are giving implicit consent for the recording and distribution of the seminar within the eSocSci membership.