National Science Challenge 11 Building Better Homes, Towns, and Cities Article of the Week: Concepts of Neighbourhood: A Review of the Literature by Dr. Natalie Allen

This literature review has been developed for the Strategic Research Area Shaping Places: Future Neighbourhoods as part of National Science Challenge 11 – Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities: Ko ngā wā kāinga hei whakamahorahora. Shaping places: Future Neighbourhoods is focused on researching liveable and well-designed neighbourhoods, including houses, which contribute to successful towns and cities. It is seeking to develop our understanding of the principles and processes that create more successful neighbourhoods. This includes both the physical and social structure of neighbourhoods. It is within this context that this literature review was developed. It is therefore designed to offer a frame of reference for subsequent research in to New Zealand’s neighbourhood context and to provide an overview of why considering the concept of neighbourhood is important.
The review is structured to read as a narrative, however, relevant references and abstracts have been included in text-boxes throughout the document to ensure the easy use of this review as a tool for those writing subsequent research reports and articles.

Read the full review here.

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