​​Nau mai, haere mai ki te rōpū o MASS​

MASS​ is an incorporated society and the tangata whenua partner of eSocSci. The MASS executive committee advises eSocSci on issues pertaining to Māori social science and Māori social science researchers.​

​MASS is designed to support and connect Māori social science researchers and promote Māori social science both nationally and internationally. It provides a collaborative forum for Māori social scientists, researchers and postgraduates to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern, and to debate, critique, evaluate, and analyse Māori-focussed research without prejudice. It is made up of representatives from universities and wānanga across Aotearoa. You can join MASS by filling out the form on the ​MASS website​. For more information about MASS, please contact ​Meegan​.


​MASS has an inclusive stance on membership and describes members and potential members simply as “Māori community knowledge bearers”, in accordance with the words and spirit espoused by Moana Jackson in his address to the first MASS Conference in 2008.

​MASS membership encompasses a wide range of Māori social scientists and researchers engaged in Māori social science research. Members include students, emerging and established researchers, and representatives of institutions or groups that deliver Māori and/or indigenous social science–related research services.​

You can join MASS by filling out the form on the ​MASS website​. For more information about MASS, please contact ​Robert​ or ​​Meegan​.

You can also connect with MASS on Facebook​. Join the eSocSci MASS Network by clicking on the Request membership button above, make sure you have been to the MASS website and signed up as a member there first.​


​We aim to​

  • Foster the output of quality Māori social science research by collaborating with other MASS members, identifying research gaps relating to Māori social science research, and promoting Māori social science research
  • mentor and support emerging and established Māori social scientists by highlighting pathways into social science, offering supervision for postgraduate Māori social sciences students, and providing opportunities for Māori social scientists to discuss and strategise about Māori social science–related issues​
  • ​facilitate relationship building by providing gatherings and networking opportunities for Māori social scientists, establishing links between participants in Māori Studies departments and those in other sectors or institutions, and by linking with other Māori social science research entities​
  • ​fulfil an advocacy and facilitation role for Māori social scientists and Māori social science tertiary students
  • increase Māori input into (and provide a Māori world view on) Māori public policy.​

​For more information about MASS network seminars, the forum or contributing to the network see the links to the right or contact ​Garrick Cooper

Network Leaders:

​MASS contact people and members of the ​eSocSci Advisory Group​ are:

​Dr Robert Webb

​Robert Webb​ is a senior lecturer in the Sociology Department at the University of Auckland and member of the MAI Journal Editorial Board.​
Research interests include: Maori, indigenous justice, and organ donation.


​Meegan Hall

​Meegan Hall​ is an associate dean, toihuarewa and lecturer for the Centre for Academic Development, Victoria University of Wellington.