The Women and Gender Geographies Research Network (WGGRN) is an academic collective that, with generous support from the Geography community, was founded by Karen Fisher in 2012, emerging out of connections she strengthened at the NZGS Conference in Napier that year. She saw a need to establish links for women and gender researchers and practitioners in geography, facilitate dialogue and provide support in academic and research pursuits, as well as to share experiences of trying to achieve the mythical ‘work/life balance. The WGGRN builds on a strong tradition of feminist research in New Zealand and makes a commitment to welcoming and supporting all, whilst working to advance equity outcomes and intersectional justice, starting from an interest in gender. The network develops thanks to valuable contributions from many diverse academics around New Zealand and has already organically catalysed a number of productive offshoots: collective writing groups in Auckland and Canterbury, the hosting of Symposia and meetings, and contributions to conference panels and sessions, to name a few.

The Women and Gender Geographies Network (WGGRN) launched its national videoconferences meetings across New Zealand in August 2013. It's home is eSocSci.

The focus of this group is networked collaboration and support to further equity outcomes and intersectional justice, with a focus on gender.

If you are logged in you can visit and read about the profiles of WGGRN members here.

In 2017 the Network launched a separate strand that has a focus on research and teaching, called the Women and Gender Geographies Study Group (WGGSG) which you can read more about here:

For more information about network seminars, the forum or contributing to the network contact the network leader, Karen Fisher.

Network Leaders:

​Dr Karen Fisher

​Research Interests: Environmental management; Water governance; Participatory development; Development and the environment.