Interview: Max Carlin and Henry Giroux: The Nightmare of Neoliberal Fascism

Copyright, Reprinted with permission Is there a chance to defeat the forces of neoliberal fascism? Henry A. Giroux explains why we must understand the historical and contemporary context of fascism to understand what we are up against. Mark Karlin: Why is it important to have an historical understanding of fascism to shed light on the age of Trump? Henry A. Giroux: The conditions leading to fascism… Read more
Charlottesville riot

Karen Sternheimer: What is a Ghetto?

When I ask students this question, they often dance around the answer. “A place where low-income people live,” is a common response. “Somewhere that isn’t very nice,” is another. But when I ask where this term comes from, few know. The term is one we might avoid now, as ghetto might be seen as a derogatory word used to describe a low-income neighborhood in the central part of a U.S. city. Sometimes the term is… Read more
Ferentari ghetto, Bucharest

Barbara Ribeiro: Jair Bolsonaro’s threat means we academics have to be overtly political

As I write these lines, I tell myself there is no reason to fear. Far-right politics are on the rise globally – yet the universities in Brazil that were recently raided in a clear attack on freedom of expression seem a long way from the UK. This has not prevented, however, my personal and professional selves becoming increasingly entangled as I watched Jair Bolsonaro, one of the most obnoxious figures in BrazilianRead more
Brazilian flags with anti-Bolsonaros t-shirts

Book Review: New Female Tribes by Rachel Pashley

Last month, the US Open saw one of its most controversial tennis finals in modern memory, in a showdown between sporting legend Serena Williams and new kid on the block Naomi Osaka. Accused by umpire Carlos Ramos of taking illicit coaching tips from the sidelines, Williams fought back in a fiery on-court confrontation, calling Ramos a ‘thief’ and a ‘liar’. The incident sparked debate both in support of and… Read more
Cover for New Female Tribes by Rachel Pashley

John Ross: Universities ‘unfairly penalised’ for dropouts

Universities are squandering a massive opportunity to lure dropouts back to higher education, while policymakers are more interested in apportioning blame than helping individuals to fulfil their promise, according to Australian experts. Data from the country suggest that universities face being unfairly punished over non-completions that are often beyond their control, with students often withdrawing… Read more
Stick figures wearing mortarboards

Joseph E Stiglitz: The American Economy Is Rigged And what we can do about it

Americans are used to thinking that their nation is special. In many ways, it is: the U.S. has by far the most Nobel Prize winners, the largest defense expenditures (almost equal to the next 10 or so countries put together) and the most billionaires (twice as many as China, the closest competitor). But some examples of American Exceptionalism should not make us proud. By most accounts, the U.S. has the highest level of… Read more
picture of a US flag morphing into a US $1 bill

Delbridge and Biggart: Morality: the new way to understand economic decisions

There is no one way of understanding the bases of, or justification for, austerity. If there was, there wouldn’t be such voracious debate around the topic. A recent televised discussion provides a perfect example of this. In it, Labour National Forum’s Grace Blakeley drew an analogy with a business that fails to invest in the resources necessary to operate successfully: “It would be like a bar [saying],… Read more
People lined up outside an ATM in Britain

Rachel Pells: Rich ‘should pay to help poorer nations make open access switch’

Research funders in richer nations should help fund the costs of the move towards open access publishing in developing countries, according to the executive chair of Research England. David Sweeney said that research funders in 13 European countries had made “fantastic progress” by uniting behind Plan S, which will require all publicly funded research to be made freely available. But Mr Sweeney, who will lead… Read more
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Hana O’Regan: Let your story be heard

Last week, Hana O’Regan was a speaker at an education conference in Auckland. The title she chose for her speech was To reo ki te raki, to mana ki te whenua. Let your story be heard in the heavens — and your mana be restored to the land. She explained that it came from a waiata commemorating Matiaha Tiramōrehu, who started the Ngāi Tahu claim in 1849. And she pointed to the cost of his story and the stories of other Māori… Read more
Hana O'Regan

Roger Eatwell: Nativists, racists and other nasty people? Understanding who populists are and what they really want

In his September 2018 final State of the Union address, Jean-Claude Juncker warned of a growing ‘unhealthy nationalism’, ‘riddled with both poison and deceit’. In his sights were parties like the French National Rally (formerly National Front), the Italian League, the Alternative for Germany, the ‘Freedom Parties’ in Austria and the Netherlands, the Sweden Democrats, the Danish People’s Party,… Read more
Photograph of contemporary nationalist world leaders